Before using BEX services, please read Conditions on User Guide.

  • How it works

    4 Easy Steps You Need to Know -- From Registration (free) to Package Delivery!

  • Procedures Before Shipping

    Before shipping your package,please enter your identification.

  • Shopping Guide

    You can enjoy shopping from Japanese websites that don’t offer international shipping.

  • How to Enter BEX Address

    Just copy your BEX Address from your account and paste it into the shipping address fields on Japanese website!

  • Cost

    BENLY Express is the FIRST in the industry!! NO HANDLING FEE! You Only Pay International Shipping!!

  • Payment Methods

    We accept Credit Card, PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay.

  • Available Countries/Areas

    We are expanding our service area! BENLY Express provides our services to many countries.

  • Package Forwarding Procedures

    It explains how to check content of your package from your account, submit payment, and request to forward your package.

  • Combine Shipping

    You can save big in shipping cost by combining multiple packages into a single package!

  • Conditions

    Please read very carefully before using our services.