Consent to Use of Personal Information

BENLY, Inc. (hereby known as "the Company") believes that it is the Company's social responsibility to give necessary protection to user (being members, membership applicants and visitors to the website) and information that can be used to identify individuals. The Company can acquire, use and consign or provide to third parties user's individual information. In order for users to utilize the website BENLY EXPRESS (hereby "the Site"), users must carefully read and agree to the details within the following User Information Handling Agreement (Privacy Policy). If the user does not agree then the user will be refused access to the Site and unable to utilize its services.

Concerning User Information

"User Information" refers to information that can identify individual users and includes all of the following.

  • Users' names, login IDs, passwords, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers and information related to other credit cards and bank account numbers, which the user registered, reported to be changed or that was made public.
  • Usage details concerning items such as services used by the user, time and date or service and how many times it was used.
  • Information concerning usage history
  • Information concerning payment status related to user usage

Collecting User Information

The Company may collect user information from those who use the site using the following methods.

  • Methods that collect information through the website
  • The Company will collect user information when it is inputted by the user into the Site.
  • Methods that collect information through email, postal mail, documents or telephone calls
  • The Company will collect user information from what is provided by the user through interactions with the Company, emails, postal mails, documents, telephone calls, et cetera.
  • Methods that collect information through emails sent to the user
  • The user will receive information regarding the arrival and opening of email messages sent to the user from the Company, provided the user's email software carries such features. If the user does not wish to receive this sort of information then the Company asks that the user either suspends the notification functions within the email software the user employs or use one that does not carry such features.
  • Methods that collect information when the user accesses the website
  • A log may be collected showing the Site services used by the user. This information includes URLs used by the user, if it is a browser or mobile access, and IP addresses.

Purpose of Use for User Information

The Company will utilize user information for the purpose of use where the user is notified when the information is collected or for the purposes detailed below. Outside of these purposes, it will not be used for instances detailed under "Concerning the Consignment or Provision of User Information to Third Parties" or without prior consent from the user. Additionally, users may refuse to provide information at the time of or following registration. However, users cannot refuse to provide information that is deemed necessary in order to operate a service.

  • In order to contact purchasing users via email regarding transaction status and other important items for them to safely and reliably use the website
  • In order to make purchase confirmations and reports for every product
  • In order to provide application confirmations and mails for our email service
  • In order to offer confirmation for registered services and said services
  • In order to bill for every product's shipping and perform payment and payment confirmation
  • In order to send remuneration for participating in surveys
  • In order to send gifts as rewards for subscribing
  • In order to resolve website operation errors
  • In order to improve user satisfaction regarding products/services and the website
  • In order to customize and meet the individual needs of users regarding products/services and website details
  • In order to survey user satisfaction related to information and products ordered by the user
  • In order to summarize and produce official announcements on statistical individual user information
  • In order to understand user's usage status and be able to develop service improvements and new services
  • In order to report information on every membership service and other kinds of services
  • In order to ask for participation in surveys and all events and report the results
  • In order to understand how products/services and the website is used and to report information and inquiries on businesses/organizations the Company believes will benefit users

Concerning the Consignment and Provision of User Information to Third Parties

When it is deemed necessary by the Company for providing the Site's services, information made public and shared on the Site

  • When required to provide a service
  • When it's deemed necessary for managing Company services
  • Consignment to a Subcontractor
  • The Company occasionally consigns all or a part of the business in order to conduct campaign surveys to a corporation that is judged to be sufficiently trustworthy and has agreed to a confidentiality agreement with users' personal information. In such cases, the Company strictly supervises and consigns only the minimum amount of user information necessary.
  • Consign/offers to the Company's cooperating companies/business partners
  • The Company may inquire credit card companies or other financial institutions for credit cards and other card numbers for settling payments as well as users' full names. This is for the purpose of settling payments for when users have used a service purchased from the Site.
  • Queries regarding credit card company and other financial institutions
  • In order to provide these services, the Company cooperates and holds ties to corporations judged sufficiently trustworthy and who have consented to a confidentiality agreement regarding users' personal information. In such cases, the Company strictly supervises and consigns only the minimum amount of user information necessary for these business partners.
  • Offers to corporate buyers involved in a business transfer
  • The Company, as a corporation, may enter into a merger or corporate buy-out. In such cases, the Company may provide user information to the third parties of the buyer in accordance with the Use of Personal Information agreement policies.
  • Offers based on Laws and Ordinances
  • The Company may provide user information when requested user information from the courts, administrative agencies, government agencies and other official institutions and when there is no logical reason to refuse.
  • Resolving disputes with a third party
  • When the Company deems it necessary to release information in order to resolve any troubles or problems the member has caused to a third party. When the Company deems it necessary to release information in order to protect the rights and profits of service users and third parties

Concerning the Use of Cookies

The Site sends, stores and uses text files called "cookies" in the user's computer storage. Cookies are beneficial for accurately displaying content and advertisements that would be of interest to the user. The user can refuse to accept cookies by creating a setting that will notify the user before a cookie is accepted but this may effect how features or services are used on the Site.

* "Cookies" do not contain any person identifying information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers or addresses.

Concerning User Information Management and Secure

User information collected by the Company is inaccessible to general users and securely stored on a server protected behind a firewall to prevent any illegal access, losses, damages, alterations or leaks. Additionally, information is occasionally consigned to corporations seemed sufficiently trustworthy and who have consented to a confidentiality agreement, but even in such instances user information is protected under the Company's Use of Personal Information Agreement (Privacy Policy).

【Warning】The Company is not responsible for protecting personal information on other corporate or private websites that are linked on the Site's homepage. Users are asked to read and use these sites upon closely reviewing the sites for themselves. The Company uses an industry-wide standard password system called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for data transmission for protecting important data and user information from illegal access.

【Warning】When registering, enrolling or ordering on the Site with an SSL-incompatible browser where users provide information either by email or postal mail please be aware that there is an increased risk of third parties viewing or stealing information sent to the Company. The Company will not bear responsibility if damage should occur to a user or a third party due to illegal actions by hackers, regardless of the security policy. It is the responsibility of the user to review all information and utilize strict control to prevent losses or damages.

Concerning User Information of Minors

When the user is a minor, a parent or legal guardian ("a guardian") must consent to the details within the Use of Personal Information and Usage Agreement and completely agree to the minor's information being collected and used in order to access the Site.

Concerning Access from Overseas

Please refrain from accessing the Site from countries or regions where the usage, management or operation as well as published items are considered illegal or inappropriate.

Concerning Improvements and Verification of User Information Handling Agreement

The Company will strive for suitable improvements regarding the User Information Handling Agreement (Privacy Policy). Users can view the current User Information Handling Agreement on the Site. Please be sure to review the User Information Handling Agreement prior to using any services. Users will be considered as agreeing to the User Information Handling Agreement by accessing the Site or using the Company's services.

Deletion of Personal Information

Your personal information will be automatically deleted when you cancel your membership to our service. However, personal information used for identification purposes will be deleted after being retained for a period of time in accordance with Japanese law.

If you have any questions not listed above, please contact BENLY Express Customer Service.