Under Japanese law, before shipping packages overseas we are obligated to verify the identity of the customer. We will verify your name, date of birth, current address This is to ensure a user friendly service.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Please enter in order of 1.Update Account Information 2. Submit Identify Verification Document 3.Register Payment Method at your My Account.


【1.Update Account Information】

Please update your account.


【1.Update Account Information】

Please register update your account.


【2. Submit Identity Document】

Please scan or take a picture of Identity Document and Address Document with a smartphone, a tablet or other devices, then upload the file.

( If you haven’t finished your Update Account Information, you can’t do Submit Identify Verification Document)


【2. Submit Identity Document】

Please register your Identity Document and Address Document.

(You don’t have to upload your Address Document which your name on, but you have to upload Address Document which is same as your Account Information Address)


【3.Register Payment Method】

Please choose your Payment Method.


【3.Register Payment Method】

Please register Payment Method.

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