Please read very carefully before using our services.

Condition #1

We cannot forward package(s) with cash-on-delivery (C.O.D) or payment after delivery.

Please be aware that if you purchase items with the following payment methods, you cannot use our Forwarding Service.

Cash-on-delivery (C.O.D), Payment after delivery, Collect on delivery, and Credit card payment on delivery (e-Collect, etc.)

Please Note, if the items arrive at our warehouse with those payment methods, we will refuse delivery. As a result of it, the item(s) are cancelled, you are responsible for cancellation fee and other fees from retailers.

Condition #2

We cannot ship frozen, refrigerated, and perishables.

All packages arrived at BENLY Express warehouse will be stored at room temperature. Please make sure that you are not purchasing frozen, refrigerated, and perishable items online.

Condition #3

We cannot ship Spray Cans (Aerosols).

Spray cans products such as hair spray, hair loss spray, toner, deodorant spray, etc. cannot be shipped. During shopping, please make sure that products are not aerosol type.

Condition #4

Goods listed as Prohibited and Restricted Articles cannot be shipped.

There are prohibited items unable to ship from Japan to overseas. Please remember, if you order those items, you cannot use our services.

List of Prohibited Items

Additional restrictions may apply depending on destination. Please check the prohibited items by countries.

List of Prohibited Items by Countries

Condition #5

Identity Verification

Under Japanese Law, Overseas Forwarding Service company which forwards packages received for customer are obligated to verify customer’s identification. We will verify three things:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Address

For details, visit "My Account".

We will hold on to your package(s) even if identity verification process hasn’t completed. So please enjoy shopping from Japanese online stores, and we will store your package very carefully, until your Identity Verification process is completed.

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