BENLY Express provides you with the best service. We will carefully pack your important items and ship them from Japan.

Shipping Cost

Shipping cost of BEX will change based on shipping destination countries/areas, package weight and shipping method.

※ Weight means the one including packing material when we ship so please see it as reference.

Registration fee

Registration fee ¥150 / Package

It is a registration fee for system management of luggage that arrives at the BEX warehouse.

※ We will charge for each box that arrives (not the number of items registered in the box).

※ If multiple boxes arrive in a single order, we will be charged for each box.

Option Services

Combine Shipping ¥550 ¥500

You can save on shipping by putting several orders together. They must fit into a cardboard box the length (longest side) of 150cm, or within 105cm and length + (height + width)*2 = 300cm or within 200cm after packaging. Please be aware we cannot ship any shipment weighing more than 30kg (size and weight restrictions vary by country and region so contact us concerning large-sized shipments).

Repacking Material Fee

Repacking Material Fee ¥120 ¥110 〜

We will ship the orders that arrive at BEX with the boxes they arrive in as much as we can. However, if your order is judged unable to handle international shipping with the box arrives at BEX, it will be necessary to repackage. Also, Repacking material fee changes by box size. For more detail, please see the below.

Repacking Material Fee

Packing Material: EMS Envelope
Size Price

(W:350, D:260)

¥120 ¥110

(W:400, D:300)

¥150 ¥140
Packing Material: BEX Cardboard
Size Price

(W:270, D:205, H:110)

¥380 ¥230

(W:330, D:245, H:125)

¥490 ¥250

(W:350, D:265, H:195)

¥650 ¥350

(W:455, D:305, H:300)

¥790 ¥450

(W:420, D:580, H:400)

¥1,000 ¥820

(W:700, D:500, H:580)

¥1,400 ¥1,300
  • When the single package requires repacking

    The box arrives at BEX is not good enough to handle overseas transport.

  • When the combine package requires repacking

    All the purchases cannot fit in the most largest box.


Insurance Rate ¥0〜

Insurance is automatically applied to orders sent with BEX. (Currently only available with EMS.) In the unlikely event that your shipment is lost, stolen or damaged during shipment then you will be compensated for its full amount. The EMS fee covers up to 20,000 yen. For amounts exceeding 20,000 yen, a 50 yen insurance premium will be added per 20,000 yen increments. The maximum compensation is 2 million yen.

Storage Fee

Storage Fee ¥200 ¥50 / Order X Date

We store a package arrived at BEX for 30 days for free of charge. Please try payment for shipping during a free storage period. If it is over free storage period, we receive ¥200 ¥50 as a storage fee per a package a day. Please note that if is over an additional storage period 30 days, a package will be canceled automatically.

Also, in the case of a consolidated package, we calculate storage fee based on a day the first package in a consolidated package is arrived at BEX.

Customs Clearance Fee

Customs Clearance Fee ¥2,800 / Order

If we ship an item over ¥200,000, we receive ¥2,800 as actual fee to ask Japan Post to proceed customs clearance.

Also, if you pay for shipping costs of both the order which is under ¥200,000 and the order over ¥200,000, plase keep in mind that the order under ¥200,000 is shipped next day.

Customs Duty

Customs duties are charged based on duty item list decided by each country/region. The amount for your claim is decided based on the applied amount for the order category, the item list, and the order contents (regardless of if it's above or below the tax exemption amount). Please be aware that the customer will be expected to pay if there are any customs duties.

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