About BEX

BEX makes

online shopping

more convenient!

Have you ever thought: "how good would it be, to easily purchase goods from abroad?"

We now live in an era where you can purchase anything you want through net-shopping, wherever you may be. Despite this being the case, Japan has very few e-commerce shops capable of delivering overseas. Even e-commerce shops located in countries other than Japan are limited in this capability. This is because there are massive barriers to doing so such as in providing good customer support, reliable logistics and payment services. In overcoming these barriers we are in the process of creating an overseas delivery service with the one thought of providing people worldwide with a net-shopping service with a welcoming and reliable environment.


BEX Service Concept

The user will be issued with a Japan-based address upon free registration to BEX. The user will then use this address to purchase what they want via a Japanese e-commerce shop. Once the purchased item arrives at this dedicated address, it is checked for damage, wrapped and sent to the user.

Since releasing our beta-version of the service in January 2015, we have seen more usage than expected. We have also received much important input from our users. This input, which spans from appreciative comments to suggestions of improvement, has given us definitive belief that our service is wanted by people worldwide. As a result, we have committed to creating an ever bettering service for our users.

As a service, we believe that there will continually be many improvements to be made and many functions to be added. Never satisfied with what we have now, we are totally committed in creating a service which will give our users an enjoyable experience. We will give our best efforts to ensure that each and every one of our users will come to the realization that "BEX is a convenient and reliable service". Please expect more from BEX for years to come!

BEX Packaging

“Always thinking on how to make it light, strong and durable”

At BEX, we are exercising all sorts of ingenuity to ensure that our users receive their purchases with the minimum of worry.

A thorough check of the content of the goods

We perform a visual check to see if the ordered product is broken or not, that the color or size is not incorrect, and that the packaging is good enough to handle overseas transport. If so required, we will repackage the product.


If repackaging is required, we will use our special cardboard to repackage

When a purchase reaches the dedicated address, there are times that the packaging is not good enough to handle overseas transport or times when all the purchases cannot fit in the same box when the user is utilizing our “Collective” service. In such cases, to ensure that the user can receive their purchases without breakage, we will utilize this light and durable special cardboard to repackage the goods.

* Use of this special cardboard is currently not free.


For users, delivery of goods overseas is a cost. As a result, we seek to keep this cost down as much as possible. As far as possible, we will pay the utmost attention in keeping the weight of delivery light while at the same time ensuring that the products do not break. Currently, we are using old paper such as newspaper to act as shock absorbers as it is both light and can absorb impact. In an effort to further lighten the delivery weight, we are thinking of utilizing air-packing and light-weight sponges to act as shock absorbers.

BEX User Support

Our foremost mission

– to support you

Our users’ voices are the most important – this is what BEX is about. We cannot build the best service without the voices of our users. This is because BEX is not “our” service but the service of “our users”.When delivering abroad, we sometimes encounter problems such as with prohibited items or with transport accidents. By carefully solving these problems one by one, we ensure that our users can enjoy overseas net-shopping without worries. This is what BEX recognizes as being a “convenient and reliable service” and is a condition we constantly aspire to.


User Support Example

Checking whether an overseas delivery is possible


We received a request for information on whether delivery of an item was possible or not. This item could not be delivered to some countries and regions due to the content of the goods. As a result of checking, we realized that an SDS was required. We then obtained the SDS from the manufacturer and safely delivered the item.

Change of delivery address


We had a request from a user asking if it “Would be possible to deliver the purchase to the office instead of the registered home address, as they would be returning home late”. We then sent a dedicated receipt confirmation postcard to the specified address. Once receipt was confirmed, we sent the item to the specified office address.

Return of Goods


We received a communique from a user that said they had incorrectly ordered a product. We returned the purchased item to the e-commerce shop and reported that this had been done back to the user.

* This service is not currently free.

Registration Support of the E-commerce Site


We received a request saying “I do not understand how to register as a member of the net-shop”. We checked their registration process and reported to them the procedure. As a result, they were able to safely complete registration.

Special Packaging of the Goods


A user requested that they wanted to purchase a bicycle. We checked the packaging size to determine whether the size was too large for delivery. As the original packaging was very large, we took the tyres off and performed a special packaging to the item to allow delivery.

* This service is currently not free.

Quote on overseas delivery charges


We received a request for a quote on the cost of overseas delivery from a user. We then calculated and provided a rough estimate of the overseas delivery cost of the provided item to the specified delivery address.