Experience Japanese online shopping easily with
"BEX Japan2You Shopping"

BEX Japan2You Shopping is a service that allows you to enjoy Japanese online shopping no matter where you are in the world. Just provide us with the URL of the product you want, and we will arrange everything from purchase to shipping abroad. With multilingual support, we bring the Japanese shopping experience to your doorstep.

Purchase Procedure

Shopping with
"BEX Japan2You Shopping"
is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Tell us the URL of the product you want. We will let you know the total amount of the product price and fees.
If you do not know the URL, you can also provide us with a photo or information about the product.

After confirming the amount, please settle the payment.

As soon as the product arrives at BEX warehouse, we will let you know the shipping fee abroad. Once you settle this fee, we will ship the product to you right away.

That’s it! With
these simple three steps,
Japanese products can be
at your fingertips!

*Customers using the service only need to register the necessary information. For customers who also wish to use our overseas forwarding service, you will need to upload your ID verification documents and proof of address documents.
*Customers who are already BEX users do not need to complete the registration procedure.

Highlights of
BEX Japan2You


Supporting all online shops
in Japan

You no longer have to give up buying products because the shop doesn't ship overseas or due to payment methods!


Low delivery price*

The payment amount is only the application fee of 150 yen, 8.5% of the product price, and domestic and overseas shipping fee!
It can be even cheaper with combined shipping!


Full customer support

Full customer support for overseas mail orders, such as simple inspection of goods and returning of handing order mistakes.

*In the case of combined shipping, you only need to pay 550 500 yen no matter how many products you want to combine.
However, please note that additional material costs may occur depending on the product.


In commemoration of
the release on June 16,
we are running a
time-limited campaign!

Product Price

For a limited time,
the 8.5% of the product price
is lowered to 6.5%! (2%OFF)

*The period/content of
the above campaign is subject
to change or
end without notice.
*This campaign content is not applied for purchases made through Mercari or other auction sites.

Handling Fee

Application fee
(Registration fee)
150 yen / order settlement

8.5% of the product price

*In case domestic shipping is charged.
it will be 8.5% of the total product price
domestic shipping fee

Total Handling fee

1 + 2

Example of
normal order

In case of a purchase request for a 3,000-yen product (no domestic shipping)
- Application fee (Registration fee): 150 yen
- 8.5% of the product price: 300 yen

Total Handling fee: 405 yen

Example of an order
during a campaign

In case of a purchase request for a 3,000-yen product (no domestic shipping)
- Application fee (Registration fee): 150 yen
- 6.5% of the product price: 195 yen

Total Handling fee: 345 yen

Payment Methods


About Products that classified as Aviation Dangerous Goods/ Prohibited Items

Products that are classified as aviation-dangerous goods cannot be shipped overseas. Therefore, we may decline your request.
Examples of Aviation Dangerous Goods:
- Spray cans, mobile batteries, cosmetics such as nail polish, hair color, etc.
- Electrical appliances with built-in lithium-ion batteries may also fall under this category, depending on the quantity, condition, and destination country.
- Items that need to be refrigerated or frozen.
*Prohibited items vary from country to country.
To check whether the products can be shipped or not, please contact us before placing an order. We will assist you in any way possible.

About Return and Cancellation

Please note that, as a rule, we cannot accept order cancellations and returns due to customers' circumstances.

About the Purchase from Mercari, Yahoo Auction

The purchase from Mercari and Yahoo Auction will be made after your payment is confirmed. Please note that we may not be able to purchase the item depending on the timing of your payment.

About Product Price

The product will be shipped overseas at the same purchase price. Please note customs cannot make any changes to the product price.

About Custom Duty

Customs duties may apply to your shipments depending on the customs law in the destination country. Customers areresponsible for any customs duties incurred.

About Overseas Shipping

International shipping fees will be charged separately depending on the weight of the package to be shipped and the destination country or region.
Please refer to the following link for details
*The shipping fees vary depending on the shipping method.