Can be applied to the first 10 orders per Rakuten user (cannot be applied to the back-orders due to cancellations).
Campaign Applicable Transfer Period:Until 04/04/2023 23:59.

Common Rules

1. If the user forgets or fails to enter the address or forwarding ID when placing the order, the order will not be eligible for the campaign.
2. Separate orders cannot be combined.
3. Only orders placed through Rakuten Ichiba ( are eligible for the campaign.
     ● If two or more orders purchased from Rakuten Ichiba are to be combined together, one of them must be over the minimum order amount.
     ● Combined packaging with orders from other shopping sites is not eligible for the campaign.
     ● The order amount does not include Japanese domestic shipping fees and wrapping charges.
4. If international shipping costs exceed the discounted amount, the customer is responsible for the excess amount.
5. Japanese domestic shipping fees, delivery agency fees, combined shipping fees, material fees, and restocking fees must be charged to the customer.
6. International shipping instructions to BENLY must be sent within the applicable forwarding period.
    ※ For single shipments of campaign items, payment must be completed within the applicable forwarding period.
    ※ For shipment of campaign items in bulk, please request for combine shipment within the applicable forwarding period. (Campaign items cannot be shipped together with items from other shopping sites.)
    ※ Please note that the campaign will not be applied after the applicable forwarding period.
7. If the amount does not meet the requirements due to the order cancellations, it will be excluded from the campaign for any reason.
8. Purchases using points or coupons are also eligible for the campaign.
    ※ If a coupon is used, the campaign is eligible as long as the amount after the discount exceeds the minimum order amount.
    ※ If you use points, the campaign is eligible if the amount including points exceeds the minimum order amount.
9. Your purchase data and BEX usage history are possible to be shared with Rakuten Group.