NETSEA is the online store that retailers can purchase whole sale items.

Suppliers such as makers, wholesale stores, and distributors list items with wholesale price and item description.

Wholesale and purchasing online platform

of business-to-business.

Companies that sell items

Makers, wholesale stores, etc.

Companies that purchase items

Retailers, Others, etc.

Send item information to BEX by a form, and get an estimate.

By your order, BEX buys an item instead of you and ship internationally.

Request an Estimate

Click request button at the bottom of this page and request an estimate by sending a form with item URL, other required information, etc.

Check an Estimate

Check item price, international shipping costs and other fees for an order.

Request an Order

If you would like to purchase after an estimate, ask an order by an email.

Pay for Item Cost

Send item cost to the BEX bank account provided by an email.

Pay for Shipping Costs

Pay for international shipping costs to the BEX bank account after the costs fixed based on actual size and weight.

Receive an Item

Get an item at your address after international shipping from BEX.